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The body’s healing mechanism is extremely remarkable, but you might still see lasting evidence of an injury or surgery in the form of a scar. With advanced scar and wound care by Abdul Shararah, MD, at Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. in Northridge, California, you can heal effectively and minimize lasting scarring. If large or unsightly scars impact your body image, you can often adjust them with scar revision surgery. To find out more about scar and wound care, call or book an appointment online today.

Scar & Wound Care Q&A

What is scar and wound care?

Scar and wound care involve the successful maintenance of flesh wounds to minimize scarring at the source, as well as surgeries and procedures to alter existing scars. Scar and wound care ultimately minimize lasting marks from a wound, burn, or surgery.

Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. understands that large or unsightly scars can impact your self-image and confidence. They offer a number of treatments, services, and surgeries to minimize your scarring. 

Your body forms scars naturally as part of the healing process. Due to your age, genetics, wound tension, and other factors, you might be more prone to large or lasting scars than other people. 

Scars can be indented or raised and firm, and particularly severe or tight scars can impact your mobility or flexibility.

What does scar and wound care involve?

Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. helps you care for your surgical wound after cosmetic surgery. They also provide certain reconstructive surgeries to minimize older scars. 

Wound care

Wound care involves dressing your wound, changing the dressings regularly, and sometimes wound debridement. Wound debridement is the process of removing dirt and dead or decaying tissue from a wound to minimize the chances of an infection, which could lead to a larger scar or other complications.

Scar revision

Scar revision surgery aims to minimize the appearance of a healed scar. Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. might remove some of the skin or tissue from around a scar to make it less noticeable in size, shape, or color. 

Who should consider scar and wound care?

Wound care in particular is very important no matter what kind of wound you have. Whether it’s a surgical incision, a burn, or an open wound from an injury, wound care can help you avoid an infection and heal with as little scarring as possible.

You should consider scar revision surgery if you have a large or unsightly scar that affects your body image. Scar revision surgery can also lead to an improvement in flexibility since some scar types contract your skin and affect your mobility. 

Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. examines your scar and can tell you exactly how scar revision might help. 

For professional scar and wound care after surgery or a serious injury, call Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. or book a consultation online today.


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