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Unfavorable facial features like wrinkles, misshapen ears, or droopy eyelids can deeply affect your self-image. At Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. in Northridge, California, Abdul Shararah, MD, performs several types of facial surgery as well as nonsurgical cosmetic skin tightening procedures by Thermi®. To start planning your facial surgery or procedure, call or book an appointment online today.

Facial Surgery Q&A

What is facial surgery?

Facial surgery is a form of plastic or reconstructive surgery that alters certain targeted facial features. It’s common to have a few insecurities involving one or more parts of your face. Facial surgery can correct or adjust various issues to meet your goals. 

In many cases, facial surgery is strictly cosmetic. It provides a way for you to adjust contour irregularities or non-preferential features that affect your self-image. In other cases, facial surgery is necessary to restore or improve the function of your eyes, nose, or mouth. 

During your consultation at Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc., you should describe your goals and expectations in detail. They examine you and may use imaging tests in order to plan your facial surgery with care. 

What are my options for facial surgery?

Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. provides several specific facial surgery techniques for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

During blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, your surgeon carefully removes some of the skin and tissue from your drooping or sagging eyelids. You can get this surgery in order to look less tired or sad, or you can get it to improve your peripheral vision. 

Otoplasty (ear surgery)

Otoplasty changes the size, shape, or location of your ears if they’re asymmetrical or misshapen. The practice also provides earlobe repair surgery for stretched earlobes. 

Facial trauma surgery

If a traumatic accident alters the structure of your face, Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. can reconstruct your facial features to restore your natural appearance. 

What are some alternative treatments to facial surgery?

Not everyone is prepared to commit to facial surgery, even if they’re unhappy with their appearance. 

If you hesitate to undergo surgery because of the lengthy recovery time, cost, or potential complications, Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. might recommend one of several nonsurgical skin tightening procedures.


ThermiSmooth is a temperature-controlled radiofrequency treatment that works for all skin types. It tightens your skin to smooth wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, forehead, and other areas of your face. 


ThermiTight is a controlled radiofrequency treatment that heats your deep tissues to stimulate collagen and elastin production. With ThermiTight, you can target your neck and jaw area to make your face appear slimmer or more youthful. 

Schedule your consultation for facial surgery or cosmetic skin tightening by calling Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. or booking online today.


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