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For many people, breasts are a major contributor to self-image. At Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. in Northridge, California, Abdul Shararah, MD, can reduce or increase the size of your breasts to give you a more proportionate figure. To consult with the expert surgeon about breast surgery, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Breast Surgery Q&A

What is breast surgery?

Breast surgery is a type of plastic or reconstructive surgery to alter the shape, size, or other features of your breasts. In many cases, breast surgery is purely cosmetic. You might want your breasts to be:

  • More symmetrical
  • Larger
  • Perkier
  • Smaller

Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. examines your breasts and discusses your treatment goals in detail. 

They’ll recommend one or more surgeries or procedures to make the adjustments you want to see. In many cases, these alterations involve the introduction, exchange, or removal of artificial breast implants.

Sometimes, men seek breast surgery as treatment for gynecomastia. Gynecomastia causes breast tissue to swell or expand because of an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone. 

Conditions that cause gynecomastia include obesity, thyroid problems, liver disease, and poor nutrition.

What are my options for breast surgery?

Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. offers many breast surgery options to alter your breasts. Some are purely cosmetic while others can help with back pain and other complications of having breasts that are too large. Your options include:

  • Nipple reduction
  • Breast lift 
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast augmentation (with implants)
  • Implant removal
  • Implant exchange

Even though breast surgery usually doesn’t improve your health, many people find that altering their breasts’ shape or size gives them a well-needed boost in confidence. 

If you get implants as part of your breast surgery, Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. helps you choose a type and how to care for them during and after your recovery. 

What are some alternative options to breast surgery?

Surgery isn’t a suitable option for all patients who want to change the appearance of their breasts. Due to cost, recovery time, potential complications, and certain health conditions, you might not be a candidate for breast surgery. 

As an alternate option, Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. offers Thermi® treatments like ThermiTight®. ThermiTight uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate the production of firming collagen within your breasts and tighten the skin on your breasts. 

While ThermiTight won’t provide as significant a change as breast surgery, it can reduce wrinkles and sagging to make your breasts look subtly more youthful. For a comprehensive and consistent new look, you can also try ThermiSmooth® for facial wrinkles and skin laxity. 

If you’re unhappy with the way your breasts look and want to make a change, call Advanced Hand & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Inc. or book your breast surgery consultation online today.


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